Our roses are premium exportation quality, cut fresh from the finest farms in Ecuador. The roses are grown at higher altitudes, which range from 9186 feet to 9842 feet above sea level. A perfect combination between weather, direct sun light and rich soil permits optimum growth, resulting on the most vibrant colors, longer stems and bigger head sizes.

Our Hydrangeas are premium exportation quality, grown in Colombia at an altitude of 6889 feet (2100 meters) above sea level, carefully selected and tainted for the perfect color and quality. We have Natural Color Hydrangeas and Tinted color Hydrangeas with more than 50 colors to choose from.

Visit our extensive Gallery with all the types and colors that we carry in stock and they are: Natural Hydrangeas, Tinted Light Colors, Tinted Dark Colors and Tinted Bi-Colors that have the Following Subcategories: Amethyst, Lemoncello, Vintage and Rainbow